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Introducing Everzippy

Everzippy is a powerful webinar automation tool that aims to help you build email marketing lists with a purpose. With Everzippy, you can schedule and automate your webinar footage to play at set intervals and the software aims to recreate the live experience for users.

Automated Webinars With The Biggest Level Of Automation. Establish Your Webinars On Evergreen Autopilot Mode Today

Everzippy Is The Ultimate Webinar Suite For every Entrepreneur.

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JUST SOME OF Everzippy'S

Custom Branding
Everzippy enables you to build trust in your brand. Customize your webinar appearance so that your target audience will recognize you in seconds. Add your logo and customize the page with your theme color so that your pages are consistent with your own website and brand.
You can track your audience’s behavior on all your everzippy software to improve your webinar performance and create tailored ads for particular groups of users.
Tracking and Remarketing System
Customized scheduling
You can offer your webinar as frequently as you wish. You can setup your webinar to reoccur on multiple days of the week, multiple times per day or you may even want to set it up to continuously begin in the next 15 minutes with the “just-in-time” feature.
Use one of our professionally designed webinar templates to look fine for your attendees.
Ready to use Template
Automated live chat
You can anticipate the needs of your customers in advance by pre-scheduling the questions and answers that will appear in the live chatbox. If attendees have additional questions during the webinar, they can submit them in the question box which will send you an email so you can follow up directly.
Come on during a recorded presentation to answer questions live.
Combine automated and live
Dynamic attendee numbers
Since you’re offering your webinar around the clock, you might want to simulate the live environment by making it appear as though there are many other attendees in the webinar room at the same time. For example, if you want it to appear as though there are always between 400-450 attendees in the webinar room, you can set it up in advance so it appears this way to attendees.
Email reminders
Automated email notification reminders get send to all registrants after registration, the morning of the webinar, 15 minutes before the webinar starts, and even follows up with a recorded replay of the webinar
Product offers Pick the perfect time to pop-up a special offer for your attendees so they can click to make a purchase on the spot. You can even create urgency around the offer by adding a countdown clock.
Live sales alerts Take peer-pressure and urgency to the next level by showing attendees that other people in the webinar room are making purchases. Pop-up alerts to let them know others are buying to encourage them to do the same
Waiting room video You can pre-record a custom video to play for attendees while they’re sitting in the “waiting room” waiting for the webinar to begin.
Replay Comments Webinar engagement and traffic can be improved by replaying the comments received in the comment box. Replay comments generate traffic
Record & Replay Record your webinars with the click of a button. After the webinar, they will automatically post to your channel. You can build a repository of recorded webinars that can be replayed time and again.
Full-featured host controls Mute/unmute panelists, and promote an attendee to panelist, giving them audio and video capabilities for enhanced engagement. You as a host has the highest level of control in a webinar.
Registration This feature of everzippy allows attendees to register for webinar attendance within the application.
Polls and Surveys Polls & Surveys are launched, answered, and reviewed during a session while surveys are sent after the webinar ends. It allows attendees to engage with the host better.
Analytics and Report System Once your webinar is over, you can learn how effective it was using detailed analytical reports on registrations, attendee engagement, polls, and Q&A.

Inbuilt Email Funnel

In everzippy E-mail invitations are built-in and are customizable and designed to maximize conversion rates Now you don’t have to create a pre-webinar reminder email, everzippy will do it for you.

Social Media Integration

Integrates with social media sites to allow for streaming across sites be it facebook, youtube or instagram.

Meetzippy Integration

Everzippy is mintware suite product that can easily be integrated with another Mintware Suite product meetzippy to make work easier and faster

Autoresponder and Email Integrations

We have direct integrations with Infusionsoft, MailChimp, AWeber, and ActiveCampaign. You can also integrate with any other app via Zapier integration

Dozens of gorgeous designs! Simply put: your webinars will look amazing! Also you don't need coding skills
Everzippy Is The Ultimate Webinar Suite For The Newbie And Expert Marketers.