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A PROVEN Webinar Template. PROVEN Email Follow Up Sequences
I’ve Spent the last 10 years perfecting my Webinar Presentation & my Webinar Sequences.
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Why do we continue to do things the laborious way?

In fact the current rate for a 1- day Webinar Consultation & Creation workshop is


You need the intro, you need smooth transitions, you need to know how to create powerful slides, you need to know how to teach without over-teaching.

You need to make a great offer, Create a fantastic transition from content to your offer, you need bonus sections and Q&A slides and more!

You need to make a great offer, Create a fantastic transition from content to your offer, you need bonus sections and Q&A slides and more!

Here's How To Get It Done… The simple way!
You Can Quickly and Easily choose Your Very Own Automated “Evergreen” Webinar from our DFY Webinars
That is Assured to Sell Your Product or Service. Without Ever Having To Do ANY Tech Work!!
Introducing Powerful marketing tool "Done for you Webinars" that save your time and effort "At Last! The complete webinar and funnels perfectly set up for you
Use my Proven & Battle Tested Done-For-You Webinar Template & Presentation
Q&A - it’s all done for you You can use this presentation for LIVE or Automated Webinars!
ALL the slides are already done, transitions are in place, intro, building authority, content, offer slides,
And here is the best part:
It’s Proven to Convert & it works perfectly with EverZippy. Just plug it in!
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I’m Also Going To Give you ALL my Done-For-You Webinar Email Sequences
This INCLUDES my LIVE Webinar Emails AND My Automated Webinar Emails.
Promoting The Registration Page. Reminders About The Call. Your Call Is Live Emails. Replay Sequence. Final Notice Scarcity
Emails & More.
Just Copy/Paste them into EverZippy & You are good to go!
And you wouldn’t even know if it will convert.
That’s why I’m handing you all of my highest converting Webinar Templates today.

Here's What You Get

1. Pre-Webinar Marketing Funnel

This is the most significant and frequently ignored piece of the online class channel. This is the manner by which you construct your customer list.

2. Email Setup

Pre-webinar emails, Webinar reminders and Email campaigns based on behavior (i.e. Show, no-show, buy, don't buy, etc.)

3. Webinar setup

We do all the tech work to set up the automated webinar for you. Be it Custom registration page, Thank you page, Notifications, CRM and Sales pages, Appointment setting and Payment processing

4. Post-Webinar Campaigns

There's a saying that says that the money is in the follow-up. Well, that's true. In this phase of the system, we set up the campaigns based on client behavior.

5. Consultation /Training

This is a service that requires good project management and ongoing communication. In addition to email support, there are 3 core one-on-one sessions

Imagine what you could get with Done for you Webinars?.
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We want to add even more value though! If you act right now, you’re also getting my $997 Webinar Mastery Home-Study-Course This is a full-blown Webinar Masterclass teaching EVERYTHING I Ever learned about Live & Automated Webinars Here Are Just some of the modules you’re getting access to
Module 1: Why you must use Webinars For Your & Your Client’s Business
Module 2: Competitive Research on How to structure the perfect Webinar
Module 3: How to fill your webinars with Launches & Funnels
Module 4: How to Drive Traffic & Attendees
Module 5: How To Do A Strategic Q&A Session For Maximum Sales
Module 6: How To Engage Your Audience
Module 7: How To Attract Affiliates & JV Partners To Promote Your Webinar
Module 8: Using Facebook Ads With Webinars.
Module 9: Most Successful Case Studies Including Replay
Module10: Webinar Checklist
As you can see, this is a full blown Webinar Master Class and until now you had to pay $997 to get access to Webinar Mastery.

The price you’re getting the software should be a clean $497…

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  • Highest Converting DFY Webinar Template
  • DFY Automated Webinar Email Sequence
  • DFY Live Webinar Email Sequence
  • Webinar Mastery Home-Study- Course
  • DFY Presentation
  • Masterclass teaching about Live & Automated Webinars
  • Why YOU MUST Use Webinars For Your & Your Client’s Business
  • Competitive Research
  • Couses on How to structure the perfect Webinar
  • Couses on How to fill your webinars with Launches & Funnels
  • How to Drive Traffic & Attendees
  • How To Do A Strategic Q&A
  • Session For Maximum Sales
  • Learn how to Engage Your Audience
  • Learn how to attract Affiliates & JV Partners
  • Learn how to promote Your Webinar using Facebook Ads With Webinars.
  • Most Successful Case Studies Including Replay
  • Webinar Checklist

Normal Price - $997/Month

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EverZippy Done For You Webinar Suite + Webinar MasterClass